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Sci-Tech Premixes, Inc. established 1987 
Stewart, MN
  11/16/08 12:14:06 PM

Sci-Tech Premixes, Inc. has served the livestock industry since 1986. The company has livestock diversity in swine, dairy, beef, poultry, game bird, sheep, equine, and specialty products. His diversity has guided SciTech Premixes as a manufacturer of branded and private label programs.

In the early development of Sci-Tech, premixes were the main market thrust. Today, Sci-Tech markets base mixes, micros, vitamin blends, concentrates, minerals, and complete feeds. This broad product range meets the needs of our market today.

Sci-Tech Premixes specializes in direct-fed microbials and specialty packaging. Sci-Tech manufactures products in a various forms. With our domestic and international markets, this allows Sci-Tech to reach markets with key specialty products in bolus, heat-seal, r micro package form. Some of the products manufactured for Sci-Tech include; Sci-Lyte, Sci-Mic BC, Sci-Mic Calf Formula D, Sci-Mic CB, Sile Tech CS, and Bovi-Key Plus Micro. Sci-Tech has a resource, Form-A-Feed, Inc., with the knowledge and equipment to manufacture and package multiple product sizes.

With the changes in the feed industry, i.e. integrators and large producers in all species, Sci-Tech has focused on Timed Event Nutrition or TEN™ Products. TEN™ Products are designed for critical stages of an animal’s life. Sci-Tech continues to be on the leading edge for new TEN™ Products for our market.

Sci-Tech embraces a heavy focus on Research & Development with our Nutritionists, Veterinarians, and Specialists. This team provides on-the-farm consulting to develop specific needs for livestock and/or assists our marketing team in troubleshooting key problems.

Today Sci-Tech has over 100 people working in manufacturing, office support, nutritionists, veterinarians, specialists, truck drivers, and sales team. We believe our success has been built on our employee loyalty and trust. Valued employees are the key ingredient that comes with every pound of Sci-Tech product.

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